Managing The Energy In The Ditch

Chenault Energy Management Systems

Founded in 2000, Chenault Energy Management Systems provides tools, training, and technology to improve the quality and efficiency of skilled field employees. Our patented process provides a "System and Method for Ensuring the Qualification of a Workman to Perform a Task Having Established Required Standards" (US 6,953,917 B2).

This patented approach to in-field OQR requalification reduces non-productive downtime while increasing operator knowledge and confidence. Interactive multimedia SMART Gas Ditch (SGD) applications for each covered task ensured DOT compliance.

The CEMS Energy Management Center is an in-field, integrated solution for high-quality pipeline construction and repair. The EMC provides electrical power, process, traceability and in-field requalification making a perfect joint possible every time.

Third-Party Damage Repair

Excavation damage is the leading cause of hazardous leaks in the gas distribution infrastructure. Despite nationwide effort to minimize excavation damage incidents continue to increase each year. Chenault Energy Management Systems has developed a system and method to quickly and efficiently repair 3rd-party damage in polyethylene pipe.

Watch our short video to learn more; then contact us to schedule an onsite demonstration.

In-Field Requalification

CEMS products provide a multifaceted solution to improving quality and efficiency of pipeline construction and repair. The unique combination of technologies, best practices, LDC specific standards and our industry knowledge ensure ongoing DOT compliance.

Our approach to operator training goes beyond the typical classroom environment by conducting training scenarios at the actual job-site while the operator is performing a work-order assigned covered task. This real-life training experience reinforces existing knowledge and improves retention of new information. This patented process can be used for both classroom qualification and infield re-qualification.


What we offer


  • 12V to 120V Integrated Inverter
  • 40V Universal Electrofusion Processor
  • Traceable & Verifiable Results
  • Qualification & Performance Reports
  • Distributor for McElroy & Reed


  • Interactive Multimedia Content
  • Knowledge Reinforcement with Active Learning
  • Ongoing Content Enhancements
  • Qualification Status Dashboard
  • Measurable Results


  • Wi-Fi & 5G Connectivity
  • Cloud Storage of Performance Data
  • ERP Content Synchronization
  • GIS Integration
  • Business Analytics


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